<aside> ❓ The after-school cohorts Info Package has all the information you need to share our programs with your friends and classmates! If you find something missing or have questions - please let us know! When you’re ready, apply here! Applications are accepted until 11PM on October 9.


💻 What is the Techccelerator and EngAcademy?

🔎 What’s the point?

There’s 2 main drives behind our programs:

👥 Who’s it for?

🔨 What will I do in the Techccelerator?

💰 How much is it?

🔨 What will I do in the EngAcademy?

🚀 How do I apply?


What if I have no coding experience?

That’s fine! Our mentors will teach you everything you need to know to get started with coding. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

We strongly encourage students with an interest or background in business, marketing, or design to apply!

What if I already have experience with coding?

Awesome! Students with prior tech experience are always welcome. Students will be placed into skill-matched teams so that they can work at their own level.

We emphasize all aspects of working in engineering, like team management, business, and design, so even the most experienced coders will learn something new!

What’s the schedule like?

Each day has a series of workshops, activities, and building time. Here’s the general overview of your weeks:

Week 1: Team building + design thinking

Week 2: UX design + tech skills

Week 3: UX design + tech skills

Week 4: Development

Week 5: Development

Week 6: Business + development

Week 7: Development

Week 8: Deployment + pitch presentations

How many spots are available?

After-school cohorts cap at 10 students for each program - 20 students total for after school classes.

Spring break & summer cohorts cap at 16 students per week.

What’s in it for me?

What does a typical team look like?

Students will be placed into teams of 2-3. These teams are skill-matched but balanced based on interests.

For example, in a team of 3, all 3 people may have the same general knowledge of coding, but 1 person is interested in business, 1 person is interested in design, and 1 person is interested in coding.

We do this so that teams can not only work at their own level, but also learn new skills from each other and split up the work to cater to their personal interests. This gives teams the best chance of creating an awesome product!

I have more questions.

Please email the Program Coordinator, Kiara, at [email protected]